Scroll Ads for AdsManager

Scroll Ads is a Joomla module that displays ads posted using AdsManager in a scrolling bar. For the moment the fields that are used are: headline, date, city, category, description and price.
All functions of this module are entirely user controlled and easy to understand, ranging from type of ads ( latest/random/popular), scroll table width, title, scroll speed, scroll direction and colors to fields' names.

Scroll Ads is easy to install, configure and use and, in our oppinion, necessary for a nice ads site.

Joomla! 1.5 Native v.1.5.3

  • Fix scrollbar link
  • Add default menu item id
Scroll Ads - Full customisable module for Joomla AdsManager

  • Fix compatibility issue with AdsManager 1.6
  • Fix ads link bug
  • Add window title position
  • Add ALT name for link
  • Fixed missing var for description text lenght
  • Ads type - lets user to choose between latest, random and popular ads
  • Number of Ads - sets the maximum number of ads in scrolling area
  • Scroll speed
  • Scroll direction
  • Rotation number
  • Scroll Amount sets or retrieves the number of pixels the text scrolls between each subsequent drawing of the marquee
  • Control total lengt of module including title
  • Control lenght of Scroll Area
  • Custom scroll title, size and color
  • Full control of size and colors for text
  • Possibility to select parts of ads to be displayed
  • Include price field and currency
  • Control lenght of ads description
  • Linked Ads Title
  • Enable/Disable fields

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