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Plugins Demo & Config

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Supported Componets:

  • Joomla! User (com_user)
  • Joomla! Contacts (com_contact)
  • K2
  • VirtueMart
Config panel

Joo ReCaptcha PRO Plugin config Joo ReCaptcha PRO Plugin config

Parameters description:

V1.6.x only
  • ReCaptcha Language - Auto language option. For multilanguage sites set ReCaptcha Language option to Auto. By default ReCaptcha have translations for en, nl, fr, de, pt, ru, es, tr. For thes languages you dont need translation files. If your website use other language(s) you must have language file for use translation.
  • Error Message - If you use Auto Language set this field to JOO_RECAPTCHA_PRO_ERROR_MESSAGE in this way the plugin will get error message from translation files
V1.6.x & V1.5.x
  • Public Key - ReCaptcha Public key. Visit for get key
  • Private Key - ReCaptcha Private key. Visit for get key
  • Type - Use Ajax or Iframe type for add ReCaptcha code to your joomla website forms. Ajax type can have compatibility issues with other ajax/js script.
  • Use SSL - Use secure connnection for get ReCaptcha. If your site use HTTPS you must enable this option.
  • ReCaptcha Template - Select ReCaptcha template color.
  • Random Template - If is set to Yes will ignore ReCaptcha Template option and set a random template for ReCaptcha
  • Error Message - Joomla error message if Captcha text is wrong
  • ReCaptcha Language - Select ReCaptcha Front Language. This option doesn't apply on custom template.
  • Custom Language code - Set your language code, two characters. Eq: Italian: it, Bulgarian: bg, Romanian: ro, Hungarian: hu. This code is use for audio captcha only.
  • Instructions Visual - Translations for 'instructions visual' label.
  • Instructions Audio - Translations for 'instructions audio' label.
  • Play Again - Translations for 'play again' label.
  • Download MP3 - Translations for 'cant hear this' label.
  • Visual Challange - Translations for 'visual challenge' label.
  • Audio Challange - Translations for 'audio challenge' label.
  • Refresh Button - Translations for 'refresh button' label.
  • Help Button - Translations for 'help button' label.
  • Try Again - Translations for 'incorrect try again' label.
  • Custom Template HTML - Paste here your custom template html code. Use the example from Custom-Template-Code-Example.txt located in plugin archive and edit as you wish. You can use custom style here or in your template css.

Advanced Parameters description:

Joo ReCaptcha PRO Plugin  advanced config
  • Protect Registration Page? - Add ReCaptcha to user registration page.
  • Protect Forgot User Page? - Add ReCaptcha to forgot user page
  • Protect Forgot Pass Page? - Add ReCaptcha to forgot password page
  • Protect Submit Link Page? - Add ReCaptcha to submit link page
  • Protect Login Page? - Add ReCaptcha to user login page. Login module is not supported.
  • Protect Contact Page? - Add ReCaptcha to contact page
  • Protect VM Registration? - Add ReCaptcha to VirtueMart registration page
  • Protect VM Checkout? - Add ReCaptcha to VirtueMart checkout page (first checkout step)
  • Protect VM Product Reviews? - Add ReCaptcha to VirtueMart products reviews page
  • Protect K2 Registration Page? - Add ReCaptcha to K2 Registration page. K2 system plugin must be placed before this plugin. See image below
Joo ReCaptcha PRO Plugin - K2 config