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Config panel

Forum Protection Plugin config

Supported Componets:

Latest Joomla 1.5/1.6 native versions of the next components
  • Kunena Forum

Parameters description:

  • Bad Word Filter - Use Bad Word filter. If is enable, plugin will search for any bad word defined below
  • Bad Words - Enter bad words here. Comma separated without spaces before or after comma. (Eq: pills,drug,medici,adult). Bad words are case insensitive, if you set bad word drug, this will match drug or DrUg or DrUgs or any other combination. You can define as bad word a word containing spaces between letters (Eq: drug,d r u g) if any one will try to use d    R       u   g word (with multiple spces), spam filter will detect as bad word and will brock their message. Also you can block any special characters by adding their code here. (Eq: &,õ&,lt;)
  • Max Allowed Bad Words - Max number of allowed bad words per post. Set to 0 mean if any of defined words is found, post is not saved
  • Action - Action to apply if bad word is found. Block post and redirect user to edit or Replace bad word
  • Replace bad word with - String or character for replace bad words if any is found. Action parameter must be set to REPLACE
  • Error Msg Line1 - Error message line 1. Displayed only if post is detected as spam
  • Error Msg Line2 - Error message line 2. Displayed only if post is detected as spam
  • Show Spam Reason - Show or not Spam reason after error message. Message can be: Too Many Links, Non English character or sign detected, Too many Bad Words, HTML tags not allowed. Messages depend of what engines you use.
  • Keep Data If Spam? - Keep field values if a new post is detected as spam. User is redirected back to edit/new post. This option work onli for Kunena forum
  • Excluded Cat IDs? - Enter id's of category which you want to disable protction. If a categoy contain subcategories and you want to disable protection for this, you must specify subcategories id's. Multiple categoies must be separated by comma without any spaces before or after comma. Eq: 2,5,8,10,11,22